Wohler 3414 combustion analyzer O2 / co model a 500


Subject: Wohler 3414 combustion analyzer O2 / co model a 500
* Simplest operation using a touch screen
* Excellent overview on the large display
* Graphical and acoustic help for finding core flow
* Wireless data transmission to the printer and PC via the bi-directional IrDA interface
* Automatic detection of condensing mode by comparison of flue-gas and dew point temperature and display of the amount of condensation
* CO measuring cell switch-off (4,000 ppm cell) for protection against overload
* Fast response for the adjustment of multi-stage burners
* Expandable, e.g. for continuous measurements
* Measurements on oil, gas and wood furnaces
* Measurements conforming to national directives for CO measurement
* Measurements data management for up to 850 data records
* Gas pressure adjustment on condensing-value boilers via additional pressure connection
* Ventilation and k-value measurements via optional connectable supplementary probes
with memory for 850 data records
* leather protection bag with magnets and shoulder straps
* rechargeable batteries and recharger
* interchangeable probe with plug-in probe 295 mm
* plug-in combustion air temperature probe
* 25 wadding rolls for condensate trap
* 1 coarse and 1 waterstop filter
* O2 measuring cell 0 to 21.0 vol %, CO measuring cell 0 to 4,000 vol ppm, IrDA interface for data transmission
Specifications Measurements: Oxygen (O2): 0 - 20.9 vol.-% Carbon monoxide (CO): 0 - 4,000 vol.-ppm Flue-gas temp. (TFlue-gas):32 - 1562 °F (0 to 850 °C) Air temperature (TAir): 0 - 257 °F (-20 to 125 °C) Chimney draught (PD): +/-16.00 inch H2O (+/- 40.00 mBar) Computed values: Flue-gas loss (qF) Efficiency (h): from 0 to 120 condensation is automatically detected. Excess air (l) Carbon dioxide content (CO2) Carbon monoxide content in undiluted flue-gas (COnorm): Reference oxygen freely adjustable (standard 0 %) Carbon monoxide content in flue-gas of solid fuel heating systems Reference oxygen freely adjustable (standard 13 %) Nitric ocide in undiluted flue-gas (NOnorm): Reference oxygen freely adjustable (standard 13 %) Condensate amount in kg/m3 or kg/l Flue-gas dew point