Wireless video otoscope -free monitor audiology hearing


Subject: Wireless video otoscope -free monitor audiology hearing
with FREE 13 inch Color VIdeo Monitor!
New Technology ELIMINATES Cables, Cords and Wires!
The light-weight AO-16 is a CCD otoscope. The five LED lamps provide true-to-life color, while the 1.36 Mega pixel resolution captures superb image quality. It is an ideal camera for any dispensing practice!
Capturing and viewing are done with only two buttons. With the 0.3 inch pin-hole lens, you get clear images without dimness. 5 LED lamps at the head of the scope produce a clear image with a resolution of 1.36 Mega pixels. Close-up to distant image can be easily controlled by the focus ring. Compact and lightweight body fits conveniently in your pocket and hand. Light enough to carry the camera easily from one room to the other.
- 16 high res. memory function
May also be connected to a video printer or to your computer with OPTIONAL USB Adapter Interface and Software ($290 additional).
The FREE Monitor will be a Name Brand of our choice 13 inch Color Monitor. Charger and monitor signal reciever is included.
1. Ths is a NEW product, not a Demo or Returned product!
2. All products carry a full One Year Warrenty!
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