Wind tunnel fan 90HP 70KCFM variable pitch blades axial


Subject: Wind tunnel fan 90HP 70KCFM variable pitch blades axial
Joy AXIVANE Axial Vane Fan Blower Air Mover 90 hp 70,000 cfm variable pitch blades. Wind Tunnel applications come to mind for this unit.
(This listing is for just one fan.)
We are just guessing on the air flow based on power and the ratings of other similar fans.
The inside of the fan looks like new. We know it was installed but don't know if it was ever actually used.
It looks like the power used by the motor is a function of blade pitch. Load it down by 20 rpm and the horsepower goes up by 30.
The blade pitch on this unit is manually variable blade by blade. Each blade has an angle indicator as shown above.
Both the diameter and length of this fan are about 4 feet.
Additional similar items may be listed separately or available on request.
Might be just what you need for your serious windtunnel high capacity fan application.
Condition looks great. Just pulled out of a factory that has closed down.
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Listing description is correct to the best of our knowledge
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