Wholesale full container of cd jewel cases, assembled


Subject: Wholesale full container of cd jewel cases, assembled
250,000 new standard CD case cases with trays, assembled
250,000 standard clear single cd jewel cases with standard trays
In this full standard container (40 feet long), there are 250, 000 clear new standard CD Jewel cases with black or clear or white trays assembled. The container will be directly from China and sit on your dock. You can combine the trays in any amount of black, clear and white colors as long as the total amount of cases must be 250,000. All of the cases are machine workable. They are already used by major media duplication and replication companies because of their premier quality. All of cases are packed in cardboard boxes. 200 pcs per box. They are NOT packed in skid.
2. Directly let the container sit on your dock.
1. Unloading the cases and trays.
2. Please finish the unloading in 48 hours after the container arrive in your dock. The truck company never forget to collect this fine if the container stays more than 48 hours. You must pay this fine if it happens.
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Yes, for such large quantities, you absolutely have the right to request free samples. Please email to