Wholesale fish distribution equip. tanks, filters, etc.


Subject: Wholesale fish distribution equip. tanks, filters, etc.
If your dream is to open a Fish distribution business or just a really big aquarium store, this is the opportunity of a lifetime to get all the equipment you need at a great price.
* 300 (and possibly more) pre-drilled 40gal tanks
* metal racks for tanks (in need of cleaning and fresh paint)
* Tap Flow nozzles and pipping
* 3 Titanium submersible heaters (3 Phase)
* 6 Dayton Industrial Motors model # 3N7272 2HP 3 phase 60 Hz
* 3 each of Emperor Aquatics Fluidized Bed Bio Filter model 5002, Model # COM3008 8" Diaminer Commercial Protein Skimmer, and Ultraviolet Sterilizer
* 3 500 gallon reservoirs with 100 gallon inner reservoirs
* Tipper Tie Clipper Model F486LP
* 2- 4' X 8' bagging station tables
* goldfish system is 9 100 gal tank system w/ resivor, filter, and pump
* uncounted pallet containing different size bags
* Anything else left pertaining to the business is yours but we are not in the same state with it and can only tell you that there may be more.
I would consider a whole or partial trade for Mustang(s)
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