White 5100 air planter with 3 row splitter


Subject: White 5100 air planter with 3 row splitter
For sale is a White 5100 Air splitter planter. It is set up to plant soybeans on 19" rows. The splitter can be removed by unhooking 4 bolts, the drive chain, and the air hose. The four row planter is set up on 38" centers right now,but can be slid in to 30" centers. We build these planters in the winter in our spare time. We used this planter this spring to plant around 70 acres and had no problems. The planter has liquid fertilizer on it also, if you don't want the fertilizer we'll take $300 off the price. It also has a monitor for the front four units.
If you are interested in just the planter we'll sell it with out the splitter.
I'll give you 30 days after you purchase this planter to inspect it, if it isn't like I explained it you don't own it, no hard feelings. We have a loading dock and a tractor with a loader to load it. If you have ant questions feel free to ask and Thanks for looking.