Wetsendorf BC7000 brush crusher skid steer grapple


Subject: Wetsendorf BC7000 brush crusher skid steer grapple
Brand New Westendorf BC7000 Brush Crusher Grapple.
Great Brush, Log & Material Grapple at a Great Price!!!
* Fits all Skidsteers or Front End Loaders with the New Universal Skid Steer Quick Attach.
* With the two Large Claws on this Grapple, you can handle the Largest Logs, Trunks or other any other Material (that your Loader can handle), and with the inset Finishing Teeth, you can also push & gather Brush and other loose material!
* Each of the two Claws are operated by their own Cylinders and the Guards as shown in the photos.
* Price includes BC700 Optional Finishing Teeth!
* It's the Black, tined insert, and it's easy to install & remove with 2 Hooks & 2 Levers!
* Grapple dimensions are 55" wide X 34" Tall.
* Comes painted as shown in the photo.
Plus, we are glad to say, Westendorf Products are Made in the U.S.A.!!!
* Availability can vary from 2 Days to 3 Weeks.