Western servo design pmac 8AXIS brushless dc cnc system


Subject: Western servo design pmac 8AXIS brushless dc cnc system
Everything listed here is in one chassis but it is possible to break it down
If you are interested in any of the parts below
we can arrange to break the system down and bring the price down accordingly
Western Servo Design 8 Axis DC Brushless motion control system
In an industrial chassis Includes:
1- Mounting bracket for Delta Tau Data Systems PMAC1 20Mz Open Architecture 8 axis motion controller (PMAC Not included)
2- Chassis with all PMAC connection on the external connectors for external control
3- Linear power supply for brushless drivers
4- Switching power supply for Logic
5- 8 pieses of western Servo Design Brushless DC motor drivers. Click here for spec.
This unit includes an 8-Axis Motion controller from Selta Tau Data Systems Inc.
If you go to their website (Click Here) you can find an ocean of information, applications, manuals and what ever you need to operate and learn about this unit.
I have plenty of PMAC software and applications, I can provide manuals, software, PMAC exe and some comm libraries upon request.
Item is guaranteed to be in working condition or your money back. Money back warrany excludes suitability of your application.
Each item prchased here is one piece less sitting in the landfill
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