Weldotron 1601 high speed shrink wrapper


Subject: Weldotron 1601 high speed shrink wrapper
275 East 131st Street - Cleveland, Ohio 44108 U.S.A.
Machine is Reconditioned in Good Working Order.
Economical single web film lap seal operation – no scrap film.
Lugged In-feed with Friction Lock System provides exact synchronization of
product transfer and cross seal operation.
Vacuum belt film transport for smooth, efficient film travel.
Orbital (seal wire) cross seal with electrostatic lap seal.
Dual roll, constant-tensioned powered film unwind system.
Variable speed DC Drive controls cycling speed for the entire system.
MAXIMUM PACKAGE SIZE: 16” long x 16” wide x 4” high
MAXIMUM SPEED: Up to 80 packages per min. (depending on product size and film type)
VOLTAGE: 230 Volt AC / 3 Phase / 20 Amp.
AIR PRESSURE: 80 P.S.I., dry air.
MACHINE DIMENSIONS: 13’-6” long x 5’ wide x 6’-6” high. WEIGHT: 3,000 lbs.