Weeber gmbh non-slipwiredrawingmachine 0,02 mm to 0,5MM


Subject: Weeber gmbh non-slipwiredrawingmachine 0,02 mm to 0,5MM
Weeber GmbH Non-slip Wire Drawing Machine. Designed for Ferrous and Non-ferrous Wire in the Range of 0,02 mm to 0,5 mm.
This System is the Modular Design,
Flexibility in Using the Machine,
And a High Surface Quality of the Wire.
Any Amount of the Modules Can be Combined to Get a Production Unit Offering the Desired Total Reduction. The Unit Can be Extended by Additional Modules at Any Time, Making it Possible to Adjust it to the Actual Requirements of the Production Process.
All Items sell with 5 days right of return, and 15 days GUARANTEE on all parts and labor.
If in order to comply with our guarantee, we need to refund your money, you will get a FULL refund for the price of the unit...
If you need to make use of the 15 days Guarantee - We will fix, or replace, your unit. In case every attempt to fix or replace it fails, we’ll refund your money.