Waters kiloprep-8 process liquid chromatograph - hplc


Subject: Waters kiloprep-8 process liquid chromatograph - hplc
Custom Process Liquid Chromatography Unit
Kiloprep is a preparative HPLC system combined with prepacked cartridge technology to offer the highest resolution of any available preparative purification technique. In a single run, the KiloPrep will purify quantities of material ranging from milligrams to kilograms.
Kiloprep HPLC systems are available with flow-rate ranges from 25 mL/min up to 15 L/min and pressure as high a 4,000 psig.
Fully integrated system, with a wide range of options
Patented gradient-control algorithm for the greatest accuracy and reproducibility
Triple-head pumps for minimum pulsation and maximum reliability
Explosion-proof design, with FM Approved certification
Solvent reservoirs designed for safe operation at preparative flow rates
We are currently in the process of finding more information about this unit, considering it was custom made it has not been easy. We estimate the original cost to be about $250,000.
Power requirements: 480VAC, 3PH
Process Liquid Chromatography Column Module
Process Liquid Chromatography Pump Module
The column module consists of 3) KiloPak-8 Columns, Radially Compressed with C18 Packing Material. 500 psig Max Pressure. They are about 8" in diameter. The dimensions of the column module are about 7'L x 6'T x 3'D. The packing material would need to be replaced to be put into service but the C18 material is available. It houses a Waters Differential Refractometer Electronics unit.
The pump module consists of 2) Pulsa 7660 Diaphragm Metering Pumps and 1) Pulsa 7120 Diaphragm Metering Pump. The dimensions of the pump module are about 6'L x 7'T x 6'D.
The chromatography module houses most of the electrical controls for the unit and has the Waters Millipore Ultraviolet Detector Module KP-481 attached. It also has a Bran & Lubbe Metering & Proportioning Pump, N-D31 and the Gradient Elution Module KP-600. It also features a 1000 psig pulse dampener. The whole unit measures about 8.5'L x 7'T x 3'D. The large radial compression column in the center is rated at 1500 psig.
Overall, it is in excellent condition (see pictures). Please feel free to email with any questions. We can not find any broken or malfunctioning parts nor is the physical condition suggestive of abuse. We have not tested the unit due to it's complexity, but it was pulled from a working environment. Sold As-Is.
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