Waste pulper, food service, somat complete system


Subject: Waste pulper, food service, somat complete system
The food scraps are first dumped into the feed chute where they then fall into the pulping tank. Here the 5 HP motor turns the food into a slurry mixed with water. The slurry is then pumped to the Hydra-Extractor to have the water removed and this is where the odor-free semi-dry pulp is augured up to the exit chute where it falls into a waiting trash can. The whole system is closed loop, and the same water is used for a very long time.
The unit has been powered up and "dry tested". All of the controls, relays, timer and motors operate. The Hydra-extractor motor does make a clicking sound. We separated this motor from the gear box to verify that it was the motor and not the gear box or auger, and it is the motor. The condition of the entire machine is good.
Hydra-Extractor Motor: 1.5 HP through a 20:1 reducer
Pulper Tank dimension: 23" dia x 24" deep.
Hydra-Extractor is tall square tower on left, pulping tank is circular unit on the right
Control Console
Rear of unit. The one leg of the Hydra-Extractor is broken at the weld (the leg in the bottem right of the picture.) The whole unit still stands fine on its own though.
Please call with any questions.