Warner & swasey automatic bar machine for drill pipe


Subject: Warner & swasey automatic bar machine for drill pipe
The warner and swasey 2ab is specifically designed to eliminate the time consuming operations necessary when setting up jobs on cam type machines. Consequently, the 2 ab can produce efficiently and profitably on short run work, as well as medium and long-run jobs.
The 2ab is equipped with a 25 hp motor, and has a three-inch capacity hydraulic collet chuck and bar feed. The turret turning stroke is 9 1/2 inches and the cross slide working stroke is 1 5/8 inches. In a machining cylce, six automatically actuated turret feeds can be selected from a range of 36 feeds. Six speeds can also be obtained automatically from a 12-speed range. Both right and left-hand threading and tapping operations, ranging from 7 to 32 threads per inch, can be performed on the 2ab with either solid or collapsing equipment.
The indepedent cutoff slide has a total stroke of 2 inches. Any one of six different cutoff feeds, and anyone of six final cutoff speeds may be selected for any individual job.
Speeds are initiated automatically by actuating electrical limit switches. The need for changing pickoff gears has been eliminated by a special arrangement of hydraulic clutches in a self-contained spindle drive transmission unit.
Feed ranges may be selected for any job by changing three sets of pickoff gears in the gear box of the feed and threading transmission. Six automatic feeds can be obtained through a special arrangements of hydraulic clutches and electrical limit switches
All machine functions such as spindle speeds, feeds, stroke lengths, rapid traversing, dwell, late cross slide for recessing, and spindle reversing for threading are automatically controlled by actuating electrical limit switches with adjustable dogs, demountable switch operating screws and adjustable cam segments.
Setting up for a production run is simplified by first setting the machine for hand operation. If some phase of a job already is running in automatic cycle must be checked, the machine may be reset to hand operation by the turn of a switch located on the control panel.
This machine was used for cutting beveled edges on drill pipe and it was fully operational when I bought it and took it out of production. If there are any further questions please call and ask for Jon