Wallenstein BX62 3PT wood chipper chips 6"dia,12"lumber


Subject: Wallenstein BX62 3PT wood chipper chips 6"dia,12"lumber
Brand New Wallenstein BX62 3 Point Mounted Self Feeding Wood Chipper.
* The BX62's Capacity is good for up to 6" diameter Timber or up to 12" wide Dimensional Lumber.
* The BX62 comes Complete and Ready to use including the PTO Shaft and even a pair of Safety Glasses!
* The BX62 has 4 Double Sided, presharpened Rotor Blades and 1 Stationary Blade.
* Both the BX42 and the BX62 have hinged Hoppers (Intake Chute). This is very accommodating of Storage and Transportation. Plus, the BX42 & BX62 can easily be converted to a Hydraulic Roller Feeding Chipper simply by replacing the Standard Hopper with a Hydraulic Roller Feeding Hopper. Switch Hoppers at the 2 Hinge Bolts and you have a new machine!
* 4 Colors are available: Red, Blue, Green & Orange.
* This listing is for a "Red" Chipper
* Although we always have BX62's in Stock, the Inventory colors "may" vary!
* Call or email us for this weeks color inventory.
* More data provided in tables below.
Double Sided Stationary and Rotor Knives double time between sharpening.
Reversible stationary and rotor knives double time between sharpenings.
Discharge hood rotates 360 degrees.
6" Dia Timber or 12" Wide Lumber
Base Unit 630lb's, Hopper 200lb's
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