Walk-in refrigerator cooler chiller room 10'X12'X7'++++


Subject: Walk-in refrigerator cooler chiller room 10'X12'X7'++++
Walk-in Refrigerator Cooler Chiller Room 10' by 12' by 7' American Panel RW4877.31TNWNL cam-lock aluminum covered foam panels.
These images were taken just before we took this unit apart to remove it from the factory where it was installed.
Note this unit has a very wide door.
It is about 48" wide by 77 tall.
Click the following link for the factory website.
American Panel Corporation Quality Construction
The Honeywell Circular Chart Recorder is included.
There are some cosmetic dings to this unit, primarily to the right front corner and right side (next to the doorway into the room where the coolers were located).
These images show the good looking interior of the unit. Note that this cooler sat on a concrete floor without its own insulated floor.
The image above shows the included explosion proof inside light.
The images below show the BOHN dual fan evaporator from two directions.
10,400 BTU of cooling by MARC CLIMATIC CONTROLS, Inc.
As noted elsewhere, the R-22 refrigerant has been removed from this system and the lines to the evaporator cut so that the refrigeration system components could be removed. (The image below shows a classic demonstration of the acceleration of gravity-water drops have increasingly longer blur the further they fall because they are traveling faster.)
The image below shows the rather dusty 208-230 volt single-phase compressor/condenser unit that sat on top of the cooler enclosure. (We had to remove the fire sprinkler that extended into the room-hence the water that spilled.)
The panels fasten together via the hook latch mechanism shown above that grabs onto the pin in the slot shown below. There is an eccentric mechanism that tightens the connection once the hook has grabbed the pin. The latch is activated with an Allen hex wrench through a small hole in the inside of the panel. Small plastic covers fit the holes in normal use.
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Might be just what you need for your really serious refrigeration application.
Condition looks good used. Just removed from factory where it was used. Refrigerant removed to facilitate removal of refrigeration system.
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