Vytran ptr-200-rpt rotary proof tester fiber optic


Subject: Vytran ptr-200-rpt rotary proof tester fiber optic
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The PTR-200-RPT features Vytran's rotating mandrel design to proof or tension test fiber or fusion splices. To proof or tension test a fiber, the section of fiber to be tested is located between two mandrels. The ends of the fibers are wrapped once around each mandrel and held in place by an integral clamping mechanism. A load is automatically applied to the fiber by the rotation of one of the mandrels. The load can be taken up to a pre-determined level and released (proof test mode) or it can be taken up to the breaking strength of the fiber (tension test mode). The peak tension is recorded and can be displayed in a variety of units-pounds, kg, or N for tension, and kpsi or GPa for stress. The rotary proof tester /tension tester can reach tension levels above the breaking strength of unspliced fiber (800 kpsi).
This unit has the following specifications:
* Load Application: Rotating Mandrel
* Mandrel Diameter: 2" (51mm)
* Min. Fiber Length Req.: 17" (432mm)
* Maximum Load: 20 lbs., 9.1 kg., > 800 kpsi (5.5 Gpa) for 125mm fiber
* Ramp Rate: Manual adjust up to 5 lbs/s (2.3 kg/s)
* Display Units: Lbs, Kg, N, kpsi, GPa
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