Vytran ptr-200 -arl automatic fiber recoater


Subject: Vytran ptr-200 -arl automatic fiber recoater
The PTR-200-ARL combines both the fully automatic fiber recoater and the linear fiber proof tester into one single module. Since the same set of fiber holding blocks is used to hold the fiber for both recoating and proof testing, only one fiber loading step is required. Once the fiber is loaded, the entire process is automatic. This makes PTR-200-ARL is an ideal recoating / proof testing system for repetitive, high volume optical fiber production processing. The standard recoat mold size on the PTR-200-ARL is 500mm for nominal 250mm coating. Custom mold sizes are available from 200mm and up. The maximum recoat length is two inches (50mm).
This unit is in good condition and is 100% functional.10 DAYS WARRANTYS. Please feel free to email us regarding technical information or for any questions you may have. This unit is Guaranteed not to be DOA!