Voyager-de str maldi-tof mass spectrometer workstation


Subject: Voyager-de str maldi-tof mass spectrometer workstation
Voyager DE-STR Biospectrometry Workstation
The Voyager-DE™ STR Biospectrometry Workstation is a MALDI-TOF mass spectrometer designed to accurately determine molecular weights on femtamole quantities of molecules. The system is used for routine non-expert operation and incorporates Delayed Extraction™ technology for optimum sensitivity, mass accuracy, and resolution.
* Voyager Version 5 with Data Explorer ™ software for flexible acquisition and data processing
* Reflectron provides high mass accuracy and post-source decay (PSD)
* Fully automated acquisition and processing of data provides higher throughput
* Integrated Microsoft® Visual Basic® for Applications (VBA) permits macro recording and customized processing routines
* Optional collision-induced dissociation (CID) provides more structural information
The Voyager-DE ™ STR Biospectrometry Workstation includes upgraded electronics, a 3-meter flight path, and improved ion optics. It delivers high sensitivity and resolution as well as unparalleled mass accuracy, giving you the tools you need to characterize complex mixtures and determine molecular weight on sub-picomole samples. The Voyager-DE STR Biospectrometry Workstation continues to lead the industry as the ultimate research machine for biomolecule characterization.
This unit has a few parts missing and will have to be upgraded. However, most parts are inexpensive. The multi-gauge controller and monitor are gone.
Product Name: Biospectrometry Workstation
Physical Condition (out of 10): 6
Item Working Condition: Unknown
Active Selling Price: $125000!!!
Additional Items: Computer, paperwork
* Product Weight (lbs): 1175 (Very Heavy)
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