Voluson 530D ultrasound system $15,000 value


Subject: Voluson 530D ultrasound system $15,000 value
Voluson 530D Ultrasound, Sony Color Monitor, Transducer/Probe and Mitsubishi Printer
Priced to Sell for Only $7,000
According to the manufacturer: The Voluson 530D MT acquires anatomy as 3D volume data, enabling the area of interest to be viewed from any desired diagnostic perspective with the simple turn of a dial. In addition to the conventional 2D features, the Voluson 530D MT contains the most advanced 3D ultrasound technology available today.
The Voluson 530D MT is an innovative, versatile 2D/3D ultrasound system. It combines digital 2D imaging, Tissue Harmonics Imaging, Spectral Doppler, Color Flow imaging, Power Angio Doppler, and integrated 3D Volume mode (3D Multi-planar imaging analysis, interactive 3D rendering, Live 3D (4D)).
The Voluson 530D MT offers a full selection of 2d multi-frequency probes and automated 3D volume probes. The comprehensive software includes OB/Gyn measurements, assisted automated volume measurements (VOCAL), and Doppler calculations.
SCSI interface provides quick digital archiving of images and volume data sets. Patient information can be transferred in DICOM format (based on DICOM 3.0 standard). A SCSI-interface and software provides quick digital archiving of images and volume data sets on mass storage media. A network interface provides the transfer of information in DICOM-format (based on DICOM 3.0 standard).
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