Victaulic vic-easy pipe roll groover 250/260 ser. VE262


Subject: Victaulic vic-easy pipe roll groover 250/260 ser. VE262
This listing is for a Victaulic field roll groover.
* Inclues foot control, and any other pictured items.
* Pipe Capacity: 1/2" - 12"
Here is some basic info on the Vic-Easy line of products...
Vic-Easy roll grooving tools are designed to prepare pipe to accept Victaulic grooved piping components. Roll groovers rotate the pipe, or orbit around the pipe, as an upper roll, or male die, is impressed into the pipe end. The lower roll, or female die, drives the pipe and contains the impression.
The groove is cold formed and removes no metal, which means the pipe retains its full integrity. Roll grooving is fast, clean and easy. All Vic-Easy roll groovers are equipped with patented Enhanced Tracking Rolls, that prevent pipe walk-off by drawing the pipe toward the tool as the groove is being formed.
This is used, but in good condition.
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