Vetspecs bp-3 plus oximeter


Subject: Vetspecs bp-3 plus oximeter
Digital Blood Pressure Monitor with pulse oximeter, still under warranty, The vetspecs BP-3 digital blood pressure monitor with pulse oximeter is developed specifically for surgical monitoring and blood pressure screening in cats, dogs and other similar sized animals. It incorporates the VetSpecs exclusive pressure plethysmographic blood pressure (BP), a breakthrough technology for nonivasive BP measurements, and Maxthru digital pulse oximetry. The BP-3 plus offers advanced digital documentation capability (DDC), which saves registered readings and waveforms on a USB flash drive. Through the USB flash drive, you can easily transfer the saved data to your PC. With the included BP-3 Plus data management softward, you can then review and manage the data on your PC, and if necessary, Print out reports through any PC-compatible printers.