Vertical milling attachment, horizontal boring mill


Subject: Vertical milling attachment, horizontal boring mill
1 - (used) Horizontal/Vertical milling attachment for a horizontal boring mill. The driver appears to measure as a No. 7 Morse Taper. The throat, when mounted on a machine is 51". The flange (base) that mounts to the machine's column measures 42-5/16" at the widest point x 24-3/8" high. The bolt pattern on the flange is 34-3/8" x 15-1/4".
The head has (2) positions horizontal or vertical - nothing in between (unless you machine a key position.) The spindle taper of the head is a No. 50 taper. We do not have a draw bolt with the head.
I do not know what machine it came from originally. I suspect that it was at least a 5" bar machine. It may be possible to change the No. 7 MT to a 50 taper, but then anything is possible if you have the time, money and ability!
My guess it that it weighs about 1,000 lbs.
The head turns freely. I can't feel any binding. It appears to be in pretty good condition through out. I have removed the head from the base and have several additional photos that I can email to you. Please send your email address to .
Thank you for looking at this item. Good luck!