Versa view elite 10035HF portable x-ray unit


Subject: Versa view elite 10035HF portable x-ray unit
Introducing the NEW Advance Featured High Frequency
* Advanced high frequency (60kHz) inverter type generator
* Constant Iso wattage output even during weak line conditions
* Soft touch user panel with audible selection indication
* Memory keys for self-manageable APR function
* Overload protection for kV, mA, time and temperature.
* Wide range automatic line voltage compensation
* Tilting handle with two tilt angle indicator dials
Weight in Pounds: 32 lbs Weight with Case: 45 lbs
Cabinet Design: One piece with external collimator
Cabinet Size: 7 3/4"H x 9.5"W x 13 5/8"L
X-Ray Generator: High Frequency, 60 KHZ
Displays: Digital kV, mAs and time
Technique Selection: Push button with audible indicator of selection
kVp minimum to maximum with step selection: 50-100kV, 2 kV steps
mAs minimum to maximum with 26 step selection: 5OkVp@.7 to 105mAs, 60kVp@.7 to 90mAs,
70kVp@.6 to 75mAs, 80kVp@.5 to 60mAs, 90kVp@.5 to 45mAs, 100kVp@.4 to 30mAs
Time minimum to maximum: .02 to 3 seconds in 26 steps
mA Maximum: 20 to 35mA based on kVp selected, 50-6OkV/35mA, 62-7OkV/3OmA, 72-80kV/25mA, 82-
Collimator: Cassette size indicator dials, 100 watt lamp with automatic timer
Laser Pointer: Optional, Single or Dual
Line Power Supply Compensation: Automatic line voltage
Line Power Supply Requirement: 120 Volts
X-Ray Tube Manufacturer: Toshiba
Focal Spot: 1.2mm Focal Heat Units: 20,OOOHU Cooling Speed: 250HU/sec
X-Ray Beam Aluminum Filtration in mm: 1mm Al equivalent @ 90kV
Exposure Switch Two Stage Prep Exposure: Hand Switch (Optional Foot Switch)
Exposure Cord length in Feet: 12 ft.
Power Cord length in Feet: 9 ft.
Carry Case Size: 12 5/8"H x 14 1/4"W x 18 1/4"L
Complete with light beam collimator, carrying case, manual, and technique charts.
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