Varimixer W60A 60 qt. variable speed planetary mixer


Subject: Varimixer W60A 60 qt. variable speed planetary mixer
The Varimixer W60A is a planetary mixer with a variable speed drive system. As opposed to other mixers, you can control the exact speed at which the mixer operates. It can handle anything from heavy items such as pizza dough to light items like whipped cream. Start and stop push buttons are mounted on a frontplate along with the contactor for protecting the motor against overload. A 15 minute electrical timer with HOLD feature is standard on the W40. Mixing tools are mounted in a bayonet shaft in the planetary head.
* Bowl raises and locks in position by operating a single lever
* Dual tension belt drive pulleys eliminates slippage
* 3 hp drive with variable speed transmission
* Locking pin on tool instead of shaft
* No bowl adaptors required for the downsize bowls
* Bowl trucks come with a handle for easy use
* Always the right mixing speed for the particular job with the variable speed drive
* Unique planetary head design with very heavy duty shafts and bearings
* Lubrication of planetary head only by permanent grease, no oil leakages into the bowl
* Automatic stop of mixer when the bowl is lowered
* Lip seal on planetary head prevents entrance of dust and water
* 15 Minute Electrical Timer with HOLD feature
* Stainless Steel Bowl Screen
* Stainless Steel Bowl, wire whip , dough hook and aluminum beater
* Can be equipped with a stainless steel automatic bowl scraper
* Agitator speed range from 60 rpm to 300 rpm
* Neoprene feet to minimize walking and rusting
* Provisions for bolting to the floor
* Permanently lubricated planetary head and attachment hub case
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