Valleylab SSE2L electrosurgical unit


Subject: Valleylab SSE2L electrosurgical unit
The Valleylab SSE2L is an electrosurgical unit that provides cutting and coagulation in monopolar, biploar or micropolar outputs. Preset blended cutting modes provide optimum hemostasis during cutting. The SSE2L allows up to 375 watts output on a cut setting. Included are a rolling cart, Water Resistant Foot Switch (E6008), Cord Bipolar Forceps (E0509) and Hand Switching Suction Coagulator (E2610-6).
The Valleylab SSE2L accepts all standard Valleylab
accessories to help meet the surgeon's needs, in a wide range of general procedures, and in specialties including gynecology, urology, thoracic, and plastic and reconstructive surgery.
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