Valby sgr-76 3PT 3 point bypass skidding log grapple


Subject: Valby sgr-76 3PT 3 point bypass skidding log grapple
Brand New Valby Model SGR-76, 3pt Very Heavy Duty Log Grapple.
If you are Looking for a VERY HEAVY DUTY LOG GRAPPLE for your Cat 2, 3-Point Hitch, THIS IS IT!!!
* Rated for 50 to 100 HP Tractors with Cat II, 3pt Hitches.
* Hydraulically Controlled Grapple Head has a Maximum Opening of 76" !!!
* Since this is a Bypass Type Grapple, it will pinch to a Minimum Opening of 8" !!!
* Requires (2) Hydraulic Remote (4 ports) to operate the Grapple & Hydraulic Side Shift functions.
* Grapple Side Shifts 30 Degrees to the Left and to the Right.
* Boom Extends 60" past the Tractor's 3pt Hitch Arms.
* The Double Jaw on one side, creates an interlocking, or "Bypass" feature for the other Single Jaw providing a secure grip!
* Maximum working pressure is 2900psi.
* Cylinder inside diameter's are 3", and the Pistons are 1-15/16".
* Log Grapple includes Hydraulic Hoses & Hose Tips. It comes Complete & Ready to use!
* Availability can vary from 2 Days to 3 Weeks.