Vacuum thermal space simulation chamber 12'4"X22'6"


Subject: Vacuum thermal space simulation chamber 12'4"X22'6"
Internal Dimensions 12'4" x 22'6"
All major Vacuum componants included in offering.
Please note that no electronics are included as stated below
We purchased this unit from a major defense contractor and sent in teams of professional contractors to remove the unit in a manner that would facilitate the unit being moved and reconnected at another location with the least amount of effort.
Nitrogen connections have been sealed and all electrical connections have been marked for easy reinstallation.
The chamber comes with a "package pumping system" that includes roughing pumps, blower, and nitrogen systems. The system also includes a large turbo pump, and 2- 35" cryo pumps.
We also include in the offering a large electrical switch system that was used with the chambe. Please note that the inside of this unit is clean enough to eat off of. Nothing dirty ever entered this unit.
The system is currently stored in a warehouse in New Jersey and can be ready to move with only a few days notice. We will provide the name and contact person of the rigging company that moved the system for us and we will be happy to help facilitate the move to your location.
Also included is that the sled for loading the chamber. It is on air dollies and moves with ease when the air is activated. The platform on the dolly is wired for "I/O" to the sample and we will provide the cables for the feeds to the chamber wall from the dolly and we will also provide the output cables from outside the chamber walls to your junction box. The installed "I/O" ports will allow for many hundreds of connections to be made
* Inside of Thermal Shrouds 10x20'6"
* Internal Dimensions - Shell: 12'-4" Wide X 22-6" Deep
* Distinct horseshoe shape makes it highway transportable
* Roughing Pump skid - loaded!
* Ln2 Blower and related switchgear included
* Vintage 1990 - Drawings and Manuals
* Chamber Manufacturer : CBI - Chicago Bridge and Iron Works
* Internal Shroud Dimensions: 129" at Widest X 118" High X 20'-6" Deep (to rear Chevron wall)
* Always used with a Class 1000 Clean Room - oil free area
* Installed 1990 - Chamber took three years to fabricate by CBI, Buffalo, NY
* Large Hinged Door in front - swings 110 degrees, vibration isolated when closed.
* Personnel door 3 ' 6" wide X 6' high in rear
* Doors and chamber shell are 304 L stainless steel, #4 finish - 3/4" wall thickness
* Includes: Full Thermal Shrouds - sliding shroud door on chevron wall
* (2) 35" Cryo pumps w/ball screw activated gate valves combined 25,000 LPS (capacity for 3rd 35" Cryo pump)
* Roughing Pump Skid Package-Ruvac WAU-2000 on an S series, Leybold S 400F Vacuum Roughing.
* Isolation Vibration - chamber and fittings are designed to be fully isolated from floor while in use.
* Drawings and Manuals as available
Stored in large heated commercial warehouse
Ready to move to your location
Please call Bob Brams at with questions. Thanks!