Vacuum metalizing sputtering depositing plating coating


Subject: Vacuum metalizing sputtering depositing plating coating
This is for the sale of the key components for setting yourself up for deep vacuum sputtering depositing of metalics to conductive items. such process provide excellent molecular bond of sputtered metal to the host. Vacuum chamber has glass door to load parts to present area that is 10inch round and about 6 deep. has a valve that opens to larger area if you make the chamber. feedthroughs for electric are installed. Two sputtering power supplies for filament and high voltage made by NRC. edwards 12 two stage mechanical vacuum pump. and a cti cryogenics cold head compressor SC and a control box. medium used is pure helium. remote controllers for cti cryogenics items, other misc needed items and a lepel high frequency rf generator to heat in vacuum. though we have been using the lepel source for other surface heating you need to readapt for sputtering and tune it. New tube in lepel plus a spare/ 2.5 kw. pickup or truck freight only. you need some knowledge or experience with vacum depositing to complete your setup and a plc would be a good idea.