Va tech pdrive mx plus 15/18 frequency inverter drive


Subject: Va tech pdrive mx plus 15/18 frequency inverter drive
We are offering this top of the line unit by the manufacturer, VA Tech. Located in Vienna, and established in 1989, VA Tech is Austria's leading developer of Frequency Drives.
Enough of the sales pitch, now the specs . . . this unit is brand new, but not in original box. The software and manual/literature can be downloaded from the VA Tech website.
This unit is a 30 hp / 460 volt drive, rated at 38 amp max output. It is serial number 1116281, with approximate dimensions: 19.75" x 8.5" x 13".
This drive is UL approved in the United States.
We have included our six (6) month warranty with this unit.
List price of this unit is $4500.00, but you can pick up a bargain today !!
Check the Net . . . . then come back to the Best !!!
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