vs-800 vital signs monitor SPO2 p 3Y warranty


Subject: vs-800 vital signs monitor SPO2 p 3Y warranty
Brand new in box with warranty
SpO2 Measurement : Pulse xoygen Saturation ( SpO2) , Pulse rate (PR) , and SpO2 Plethysmogram
NIBP Measurement : Systolic Presure ( S) , Diastolic Pressure (D) , mean Presure ( M) , and pulse rate (PR)
Alarm: Support visual / audible alarm and prompt message
Record: Support the function of recording NIBP trend date and PLETH waveforms
Adjustable LCD brightness and contract
Network comunication : support the function of being connected to the CMS or PC for data ouput or online upgrade
Rechargeale Lithium battery ( usually last for 6.5 hour after full recharge)
3) Masimo SPO2 sensor ( Nellcor sensor also available at your choice)
4) NIBP cuffs ( large adult, adult , child , infant , neoratal )
6) connection cable for SPO2 sensor
7) 3 rolls of thermal record paper , thermal recorder installed
Illinois resident pays applicable sales tax