Used: rietz thermascrew processor


Subject: Used: rietz thermascrew processor
USED: Rietz thermascrew processor
USED: Rietz thermascrew processor, model TJ-24-2H3314, carbon steel.Approx 50"wide x 14'6"long jacketed trough rated 150 psi at 350 deg F.(2) 24" diameter x 14' long cored screws rated 50 psi at 350 deg F,approx 376 sq ft heat transfer surface. Bolt-on top cover, 12" x 37"opening. Driven by a 10 hp, 3/60/230/460 volt, 1755 rpm XP Reevesvari-speed drive, Class 1 Group D, Class 2 Group F, G; ratio 130:1,rpm min/max 3.8/30.
and the product is still available,