Used: paul abbe pebble mill


Subject: Used: paul abbe pebble mill
USED: Paul Abbe pebble mill, model 5AS. 316 stainless steel (productcontact), 36" diameter x 60" straight side, 30 cu ft total capacity,7.5 working, alumina ceramic lined, rated 14.7 psi/fv at 26.7 deg C(80 deg F), jacket rated 14.7 psi at 26.7 deg C (80 deg F), stainlesssteel skin and dual drum lifting mechanism, side-by-side 18" diametercharge ports with covers. Mounted on stainless steel legs with rotaryunions. Main drive 7.5 hp, brake drive 5 hp. Includes control paneland guards.
and the product is still available,