Used: leistritz counter-rotating


Subject: Used: leistritz counter-rotating
USED: Leistritz counter-rotating
USED: Leistritz counter-rotating, intermeshing twin screw extruder,model TS110. (2) 4.375" diameter screws, approx 24:1 L/D ratio,electrically heated, air cooled. 3 barrel segments, (1) 33", (1) 17",(1) top vented 48" long segment. 4" diameter water cooled feed throatwith hopper. Driven by a 150 hp DC motor. Approx 41" centerline height. Includes an MGB model 4500 4-1/2" hydraulic screen changer,driven by an approx 2 hp powr pack, 1 barrel mounted 30 hole stranddie, both mounted on a portable cart, and a control station withEurotherm digital controllers, Reliance VS DC drive.
and the product is still available,