Used: buss type rotary vacuum dryer


Subject: Used: buss type rotary vacuum dryer
USED: Buss type rotary vacuum dryer
USED:Buss type rotary vacuum dryer, 4000 liter. 141 cu ft workingcapacity, 316SS. 55" dia x 123" st side. Dished heads, 1 end removable. Flat channel jacket rated 71 psi. Internal FV/50 psi.Cored shaft approx 25" dia rated 71 psi. With scraper type paddleagitator, (2) 12" x 16" end cleanouts. Approx 14" cbo with valve.48" discharge height. Top openings: (1) 18", (1) 4", (2) 2".Mechanical seals. 25 hp motor 230/460 volt, 1800 rpm. Dryer requiresgear reducer.
and the product is still available,