Used xerox docutech high capacity stacker


Subject: Used xerox docutech high capacity stacker
Used Xerox DocuTech High Capacity Stacker
The Xerox DocuTech Hi Cap Stacker with rollout cart stacks 5000 sheets of 20 lb. stock as large as 14x17". This stacker greatly enhances the productivity of your DocuTech and greatly reduces the amount of man hours necessary to handle large runs.
Our JJ BENDER team will meet your entire high volume copier and laser needs including the latest Xerox DocuTech, Xerox DocuPrint Lasers and Color Copiers.
Call today to learn about other inventory items currently available (including Xerox Docutechs 135, 6100, 6115, 6135, 6155, 6180; Docucolors 6060, 2060, 2045 and 12; and Docuprints A135, A635, DP180 and 92C).
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