Used wachs pow-r-drive ii electric torque valve opener


Subject: Used wachs pow-r-drive ii electric torque valve opener
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This is an Electric, Portable Valve Operator or 'Valve Excerciser',
a high-torque driver used to open and close hard-to-access valves from 6" to 60" in size.
Incorporated into this machine is a digital readout indicating torque and revolutions so you can control how much force you are applying to a valve, and how far you have turned it.
This model is not equipped with the 'Vitals' data recording unit.
The Pow-R-Drive II is a one-man machine and is is adjustable to prevent over-torquing the valve causing it to break. It has two hand-holds, a 48" Handle Extension, and an electric power cord with circuit breakers built in. It is designed to rest on the key so that the operator does not have the fatigue of supporting the machine's weight while being used.
The Valve Key Socket on this machine is 1", can generate up to 800 Lbs of Torque and can run on 110v AC or 220v AC. The machine requires 15 Amp or 3500 Watt service.
The following link is for this unit's manual and is from the Wachs website:
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