Used servolift eastern HCM51-20 food safe blast chiller


Subject: Used servolift eastern HCM51-20 food safe blast chiller
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SCOPE: This specification covers the models HCM51-20 and HCM141-50 FoodSafe Blast Chiller/Shock Freezers. These compact units have a self-contained, air cooled refrigeration system and are complete with all required controls and accessories. Several options are also available.
GENERAL: The microprocessor control system provides a choice of operating modes: soft chilling, hard chilling, shock freezing,
holding and sterilizing. A core temperature probe is provided for accurate control of temperature within the product. A strip recorder provides a record of the unit’s operating parameters during a cycle and the following holding period. The information recorded includes date, time, cycle identification,
recipe name and product core temperature at prescribed intervals. The capacity of model HCM51-20 is four (4) 12" x 20" x 2-1/2” deep food pans.
PERFORMANCE: Blast chilling (soft or hard) lowers the food core temperature from 160F to 38F in under 2 hours. Shock freezing lowers the core temperature from 160F to 0F within 4 hours. Chilling and freezing times will vary somewhat, depending on the food quantity, initial temperature, density, moisture content, specific heat, and type of container. The airflow has a high velocity, indirect pattern designed to cool all levels at identical rates. Time/temperature chilling and freezing rates meet or exceed all FDA and state regulations.
CONSTRUCTION: The chilling/freezing cabinet is constructed of polished type 304 stainless steel, with 1-1/2" of CFC-free, high
density polyurethane insulation on model HCM51-20. The interior panels have a mirror finish and interior corners are fully rounded. The door is equipped with a removable magnetic gasket. All motors are sealed ball bearing wash-down type.
REFRIGERATION SYSTEM: The self-contained refrigeration system includes a condensing unit using R-404A refrigerant. The evaporator temperature range is +25F to -40F. The compressor for Model HCM51-20 is a hermetic type with inherent overload protection.
MICROPROCESSOR CONTROL SYSTEM: The solid state electronic control panel is user friendly, easy to reach, and can be set for automatic or manual operation. The core probe continuously measures the product temperature during the chilling or freezing cycles. At the end of a freezing cycle the probe can be heated for ease of removal from the frozen product. Easy to read VFD display and buzzer alarm are standard features. All settings are programmable by the operator. The standard cycles include the following:
SOFT CHILLING: The air temperature is held in the range of 30F to 34F, ideal for delicate food items. The chilling cycle is completed when the food core temperature reaches 38F to 40F.
HARD CHILLING: The air temperature is lowered to -4F. When the food core temperature reaches 61F, the air temperature rises to a range of 30F to 34F. The chilling cycle is completed when the food core temperature reaches 38F to 40F.
SHOCK FREEZING: This cycle is designed to avoid damage to the food structure from the formation of large ice crystals.
The air temperature is lowered to and held in the range of -30F to -40F. The freezing cycle is completed when the food core temperature reaches 0F.
HOLDING: At the end of any cycle (soft chilling, hard chilling or shock freezing), the unit will automatically switch to a holding mode which will keep the food at 38F (chilled) or at 0F (frozen) until STOP/START is pressed to end the cycle. If the door is opened before pressing STOP/START, the holding mode will resume when the door is closed and continue until STOP/START is pressed.
STERILIZING: A patented ultra-violet system sterilizes all metal surfaces within the cabinet, in a pre-set time of 30 minutes. The mirror finish of the cabinet interior is specifically designed to optimize the performance of the UV cycle. The system is not intended to sterilize food; but it will sterilize all metal surfaces within the cabinet including the cavity wall surfaces, the evaporator, the stainless steel food pans, the fan motor and blades, and utensils placed in the cabinet. The UV lights are encased in a sealed stainless steel box with a glass window for wash-down procedures.
DEFROST: A manual defrost cycle is provided. It is recommended that it be used after every shock freezing cycle.
RECIPE NAMES: Up to 150 recipe names can be programmed by the user.
SERVONET GATEWAY PACKAGE: Ethernet/Internet connection solution that allows the user to operate and monitor one or more (up to 10) blast chillers from a remote location. Provided with Online Chef Assistant™ software compliant with NAFEM Data Protocol. Contact factory for technical specifications.
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