Used microwave tower equipment


Subject: Used microwave tower equipment
All of our inventory comes from the old nationwide AT&T and MCI Microwave Radio Networks. We have a large array of AT&T, Northern Telecommunications, & Rockwell Collins radios, generators, propane tanks, commercial grade batteries and battery charges, both new and used. The AT&T and MCI Microwave Radio Networks were recently purchased by Worldwide Communications Associates, Inc. All of our equipment will be sold at a bundled price of $6.9 million and we are offering a 20% discount on the final purchase price if ALL equipment is purchased in a bundle. All prices are negotiable. A detailed list of our inventory is listed below:
Amplifier/Carrier Plate Assembly
Oscilloscope with wires and case
Northern Telecommunications Distribution Fuse Panel
Northern Telecommunications Battery Distribution Panel
Rockwell Collins Power Distribution Panel/Radio
Please contact Tascha Krusemark at , ext. 223 with any questions or to make a purchase.