Used hobart c-44A conveyor dishwasher 208V 1PH


Subject: Used hobart c-44A conveyor dishwasher 208V 1PH
5555 de Gaspe, # ss2, Montreal, Quebec, H2T-2A3

We are pleased to offer you this used Hobart model C44A conveyor type dishwasher , which was recently removed from a restaurant that was closing down. It is in very good condition and was running very well prior to disconnection. To the best of our knowledge, this dishwasher is around seven to eight years old, and it is a left to right operating machine. Here are some specs:
* Fully automatic, high temperature single-tank, rack type dishwasher
* Flexible strip curtains at ends of chambers and between wash and final rinse compartments.
* Large inspection door located in front of machine
* Machine is designed to to clean and sanitize with hot water 160 degrees F. wash and 180 degrees F. final rinse.
* Booster, dishtabling not included
* Conveyor dual rack drive with stainless steel paws at either side
* Stainless steel front panel
* Removable stainless steel strainer pans and baskets
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