Used blodgett combi oven steamer, electric


Subject: Used blodgett combi oven steamer, electric
Entire Combi line is produced in the Blodgett factory, to the same tough standards as the most respected convection ovens in the world. Fit, finish and features are painstakingly considered before the Blodgett nameplate can be applied. At Blodgett, goal is to bring you all of the features you need without the bells and whistles you don't. We combine this with the best technical support for a complete package of products and services.
You can easily perform every cooking function and maximize results in our high quality Combination-Oven/Steamers. A Combi Oven is a unique style of convection oven that steams, poaches, roasts, broils, bakes and rethermalizes. You can combine three great modes of cooking in one oven - steam, hot air, and a combination of both.
· Cook 30% to 40% faster than conventional convection ovens.
· Roasting in Combi mode reduces shrinkage 20% to 30% (and food cost) yielding a juicier product.
· Combi roasting increases productivity while preserving quality. Browning and crispness are achieved in Combi mode or enhanced with the (dry) hot air mode near the end of cooking.
· Shellfish cook rapidly in steam mode without washing out flavors or dealing with heavy stockpots.
· Hot air mode operates as a normal convection oven for baking cookies, cakes and flaky pastries.
· High sugar recipes are less likely to scorch when using Combi mode.
· Breads pastries and other yeast-raised products bake up higher and lighter with Combi mode.
Blodgett Combi Oven Steamer, Elec,counter/stand, cap. (9) 18"x26" or (18) 12 x 20"x2.5" pans, 20-pos'n rack guides, 5 wire shelves, s/s w/window in door, vented drain assem., wtr pressure reg., hose & spray assem., pres. spray bottle, 18kw
_ Stainless steel top, front and sides
_ Stainless steel door, right hand hinge
_ Door mounted condensate trough
_ Fully welded stainless steel frame
_ Fully insulated cooking chamber
_ Fixed drain bottom center of cavity
_ Tilt down control panel for service access
_ Modular controls allow for field upgrade to digital controls
_ Standard control with four function selection switch for steam, hot air, combined steam/hot air and cool down
_ Solid state rotary dial thermostat - range 150-500°F (66-260°C)
_ Synchronous motor driven 120 minute timer
_ Automatic shut-down at elapsed time with audible buzzer which continues until manually shut off
_ Door interlock switch shuts off oven when door is opened
_ Waste air quenching. Condenses steam and drains away by-products of the cooking process, eliminates flavor transfer
_ Self-contained, self-flushing steam generator separate from cooking compartment for instant steam recovery when switching modes
_ External decalcifying access
_ Cooling fan protects controls
_ Maximum capacity - 18 steam table pans, 9 bake pans
Floor space: 37" D x 39-3/4" W (939.8 x 1009.7mm)
Unit Height: 41-1/4" (1047.7mm)
Left Side 4" (101.6mm) with casters
Single section 600 lbs. (273 kg)
Stand w/guides 119 lbs. (54 kg)
55" (1397mm) x 42" (1067mm) x 44" (1118mm)
This oven contains a mercury relay. DO NOT put mercury relay in trash. Relay must be recycled or disposed of as hazardous waste.
Minimum Water Quality - not to exceed 30 parts per million of dissolved solids. PH should be 7.0 or higher.
40(min)-50(max) PSI 3/4" hose cold water 2" drain connection
Potable water only 122°F (50°C) avg. temperature
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