Used 10 ga. x 48 edwards precision mechanical shear


Subject: Used 10 ga. x 48 edwards precision mechanical shear
70L-R x 88 F-B x 46 H
Iowa Precision Model PFT-6, CNC Feed Table with the following specifications:
Max length of table w/ carriage extended:
Max programmed travel distance:
Max distance between work clamps:
Number of work clamps (standard):
Positioning tolerance – plus or minus .005 within 24 of centerline of table
Air required – 80 PSI, CFI minimal
Power – 115V AC, 60 Hz., single phase, 30 AMPS
Iowa Precision Industries Precision Feed Table is a single axis, closed loop, microcomputer controlled, incremental flat material feeder that combines high speed and high accuracy to make precision repeatable flat material positioning moves.
The single axis table and carriage are fabricated. All weldments are reinforced for maximum rigidity and performance and the carriage rides on hardened and ground ways to insure accurate axial traversing. An adjustable “C bar is attached to the carriage, holding two hardened, 4 wide, air operated work clamps. The table top (or sheet support) is rigidly constructed of heavy gauge, polished stainless steel to help prevent sheets from dragging or scratching.
The controller is an operator programmable microcomputer system, utilizing solid state electronic components. This system processes the operator’s program and control the traversing speed and final table carriage position. All information is entered into the controller manually through a keyboard or automatically through an optional paper tape reader.
Manual Date Input with Keyboard
Digital Display of Programmed Commands
Absolute or Incremental Programming
Manual or Automatic Running Modes
Multiple or Single Cycle Operation
Incremental Commands can be Programmed to Repeat 99 Times
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It is the user’s responsibility to provide proper safety devices and equipment to safeguard the operator from harm for any particular use, operation or set up, and to safeguard adequately the machine or machines to conform to all Federal, State and Local Government Safety Standards, and all Industry Safety Standards.