Una-dyn dhd -11-hp dryer with ii-xl - large unit


Subject: Una-dyn dhd -11-hp dryer with ii-xl - large unit
Universal Dynamics Large Material Dryer
Model # DHD-11-HP Dryer with II-XL - Serial # 147608.01-0696
Date of Mfg. is Oct 1996 - Mfg for and to Delphi Specs.
Supply: 460 V - 3 phase- 60 hz
Org. blue prints and bill of materials/manufacturing shop orders are included in the cabinet for reference.
Unit is used but in very good condition.
Omni II -XL processor- Fused Disconnect - CFM monitor-Emergency stop button- high temp alarm- overtemp shutdown with independent thermocouple -audibl horn and visual strobe alarms- f/process airflow - 15kw, 18.8 Amp Regen Heater - 29.7 kw , 37.3 amp 350deg F Process Heater
We will charge an additional $100.00 for loading and/palletizing of this item