Ultrasonic inspection system sliding probe staveley ndt


Subject: Ultrasonic inspection system sliding probe staveley ndt
Ultrasonic Inspection System with Sliding Probes for hole crack detection
This system is used and in good condition. The crack detection system consists of a pulser/scope, two multiplexers, a computer, and two adjustable sliding probes all mounted in a tall rack mount cabinet. The probes are slid down a row of holes or fasteners to view possible cracks eminating from the fastener holes. The two probes are stored in a drawer in the water pump unit in the bottom of the rack (see photos). Above the pump unit is a large Canon connector labled "Transducer Array". This connectors mating plug is located on the wire rack on the side of the cabinet and the other end connects to the probes. Located above the array connector is a power distrubition station. Above that is the computer. We powered up the computer and a Panametrics program started up, but we could not get past the password screen. Above the computer is a space where a shelf attaches to give a surface for the keyboard and mouse(shelf included). The monitor is above the computer. Above the monitor is the Staveley Pulser/Scope. Above that are both of the Staveley Multiplexers.
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* SPO-5529-Roving, 940029
* Adjustable opening: 0- 1/4"
* Height increments: 0 - 9 units
* SPO-5530-Flat, 940030
* Adjustable opening: 0- 1/2"
* Height increments: 0 - 14 units
* Sonic 260 Ultrasonic Multiplexer
* Eight Channel ultrasonic Multiplexer/Array Driver
* Allows a single flaw detector to perform like eight individual instruments (Since there are two multiplexers, there are 16 channels combined)
* 3.5" CRT with VFD Digital Display
* Pulser: Square Wave, 150/300 V selectable
* Bandwidth: 0.5 - 20 Mhz
* Range: 0.23" - 371" of steel