U s bottlers 60 valve pressure gravity bottle filler


Subject: U s bottlers 60 valve pressure gravity bottle filler
U.S. Bottlers 60 Valve Rotary Pressure Gravity Bottle Filler. Model PGE-60, Serial # 1421. Pressure Gravity Filler. Rated at speeds up to 600 + bottles per minute; based on product specifications and bottle size. Machine is capable of running production on PET or Glass bottles, either Hot or cold fill products. The filler was purchased NEW in 1991. The Filler is a left to right clockwise rotation machine. The filler includes High Flow filling valves - 7/8" diameter with centering devices, set on 3 5/8" centers. Free standing electrical cabinet with 3 woods VFAC Controllers. Filler has a stainless steel base with a 4-1/2" stainless steel product conveyor with adjustable side rails, infeed timing screw and change parts, stainless steel nema 4X operator electrical control panel, free standing mild steel electrical control panel with an Allen Bradley PLC SLC 5:02, VFAC controller, infeed and discharge product detection, stainless steel bottle platform table, fill level control, ALL 316 stainless steel contact parts, base and platform, manuals included. Filler was last running a Snapple Hot fill Juice product - 16 oz / 2O oz.. Prior to removal the filler had $68,000.00 of new parts installed 3 months prior to removal.