used hp indigo omnius digital press


Subject: used hp indigo omnius digital press
This Used HP Indigo Omnius version 3.0, is in good used condition. The HP Indigo Omnius Press delivers uncompromising image quality at a very attractive price. Features include high resolution imaging, up to six-color printing including spot and fluorescent colors, virtually unlimited substrate selection and features Yours Truly-Card XTension Designer Upgrade personalization software. Works with photoshop4 technology. Hp designates this as web fed.
The HP Indigo Omnius produces everything from printed graphic attachments, excellent for business cards, postcards and posters.
Some User & training manuals, troubleshooting guide, service & maintenance records included. S/N 2068 installed 1997. Our research shows that this 1997 Omnius was the forerunner of the HP Indigo Press ws2000.
The original invoice on this Omnius unit was over $350,000.00
DCP_2431 DCP_2430 DCP_2439 DCP_2440 DCP_2429 DCP_2428 DCP_2434 DCP_2436 DCP_2436b DCP_2441 DCP_2432 DCP_2433 DCP_2442 DCP_2427 DCP_2426 DCP_2457 DCP_2454 DCP_2456 DCP_2455
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