Two gretag macbeth D19C densitometers - europe


Subject: Two gretag macbeth D19C densitometers - europe
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Two (2) REFURBISHED GretagMacbeth D19C Densitometers
Complete with EUROPEAN filter set (DIN 47B) and Polarization filters installed
Functions activated and ready for use:
* This is for TWO (2) REFURBISHED D19C reflection densitometer with DIN 47B (European Printing Standard) filters and are Polarized.
* One-third the price of two new, fully-loaded D19C.
* Includes every function required to monitor and control your offset, flexo or screen printing press, as well as pre-press color proofs.
* Comes complete with (2) NEW 240V AC chargers, (2) NEW calibration standard and operator's manual on CD.
* We provide service and support on all Gretag and GretagMacbeth densitometers.
* All Densities (gray balance)
* All Density Difference (gray balance difference)
* Dot Gain (up to 3 programmable screen tints)
* Print Characteristic (fingerprint your press)
* Printing Plate (for digital or analog aluminum litho plates)
* Auto Function 1 & 2 (automatic color bar element recognition)
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