Turmoil oc-300 ro cooler open loop: type ro-tlf


Subject: Turmoil oc-300 ro cooler open loop: type ro-tlf
Turmoil OC-300 RO Cooler Open Loop: Type RO-TLF
These units are designed to recirculate fluid from a remote tank. OC models are intended for use with Water or Water-Based Coolants including de-ionized water, water/glycol mixtures, and water-based synthetic coolants. Evaporators are brazed, stainless steel plates. Piping and fittings are non-ferrous. Self priming, bronze, centrifugal pumps are standard. Cooolant recirculating through the cooler must be clean.
Specifications for OC-300 RO Coolers indicate a cooling capacity of 36000 BTU/hr. (10560 Watts, or 9000 Kcal/hr.). 3 Hp drive and 12 GPM pump capacity.
Dimensions are 32W x 34D x 56H (inches).
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