Ttc\acterna t-berd 224 pcm analyzer SS7 loaded 11 opts


Subject: Ttc\acterna t-berd 224 pcm analyzer SS7 loaded 11 opts
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With the constant demand for new services ... T1, Fractional T1, GR-303, ISDN, DS3, STS-1, Caller ID, DDS. SS7... you need the capability to test multiple technologies without requiring multiple instruments. TTC''s T-BERD 224 PCM Analyzer provides a powerful testing solution that handles all these services and still allows a high level of customization.
A host of flexible and field-upgradeable options allow you to test services as soon as you add them and to customize the T-BERD 224 to meet your specific requirements. Two new options provide practical ISDN and GR-303 test analysis; the SS7 Call Trace Option enables you to lock onto a specific call, track all processing messages, and monitor SS7 link statistics; and other options give you the power and flexibility to test services at a variety of access points.
This popular, all-in-one test instrument is equally at home in the central office, in the mobile telephone switching office, in the development lab, and on the production floor. And as your networks stretch to meet rapid technology changes, the T-BERD 224 will grow right along with them.
Perform remote testing with the T-BERD 224, and reduce response time and extend the reach of your field technician. Distributed Test Manager (DTM)), DTM32 and Remote Test Manager (RTM) software options enable you to perform remote testing from your PC or UNIX workstation.
This unit has the following options installed:
* 12042 - Advanced Stress Pattern
* 13963 - Smart Loopback Command Codes
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