Tsp thermo finnigan spectrasystem lc liquid chromagraph


Subject: Tsp thermo finnigan spectrasystem lc liquid chromagraph
This listing is for a TSP / Thermo Seperation Products (now Thermo Electron / Finnigan).
Includes the following components...
* UV1000 Single Wavelength UV/VIS Progammable Detector (Passes self test.)
* P2000 Binary Gradient Pump
* SN4000 System Controller Interface (Eight Port)
* AS1000 Fixed Loop Autosampler w/Sample Cooling
The following information is from Thermo Electron's Website...
The Finnigan SpectraSYSTEM liquid chromatography system is a full featured family of separation and detection HPLC instruments. SpectraSYSTEM consists of a full range of degassers, pumps, autosamplers and detectors and is a compact, modular HPLC system for every laboratory
The Finnigan SpectraSYSTEM family of HPLC instruments provides complete analysis and automated sample prep in a compact, modular system for every laboratory. Our detectors are recognized across the industry as the most sensitive in the market for a wide range of HPLC applications.
This broad choice of instruments lets you configure a system that matches your application needs and performance demands. Data analysis is fast and efficient with ChromQuest software's integration tools and custom reporting features. Finnigan SpectraSYSTEM solvent delivery instruments offer better superior gradient formation, longer seal life and improved solvent compressibility across a wide flow range wide range of flow rates. Low delay volume and excellent gradient reproducibility ensure highly reproducible chromatographic separations and compatibility with all column types. Available in narrow-bore, standard isocratic and gradient configurations, the pumps meet every HPLC analytical need.
Finnigan SpectraSYSTEM autosamplers integrate micro-robotic technology, complete environmental control and highly versatile sample processingsystems. With high sample throughput and several options available, you can easily configure an autosampler to meet specific needs. Injection precision and excellent reproducibility are ensured through use of RheodyneTM injection valves and superior valve control. Unique sample withdrawal and automatic flush procedures minimize carryover, to less than 0.01% with only a 400 ┬ÁL flush volume. RSD precision is better than 0.5%.
Finnigan SpectraSYSTEM detectors provide a full range of HPLC detection capability from the universal RI150 detector to the programmable UV1000, dual wavelength UV2000, high speed scanning UV3000, PDA UV6000LP detector and the fluorescence FL3000 detector. These detectors combine exceptional optical performance, unmatched applications flexibility and value for research, method development, and process control applications. Using both tungsten and deuterium lamps, they offer exceptional performance across a wide range from 190 to 800nm. An automatic lamp start-up and shut-down feature prolongs lamp life and reduces warm-up time.
Finnigan SpectraSYSTEM®AS1000 Autosampler
high pressure liquid chromatography pumpThe AS1000 Fixed-volume Injection Autosampler is ideal for large volume, routine analysis.
* Micro-robotic operation
* 120-vial capacity with random vial access
* PC-based control available
* Numerous integrated option available
The AS1000 is designed especially for laboratories that process large numbers of samples on a routine basis. Injection volume can be varied simply by changing the sample loop. The standard unit allows 120 vial, multiple methods, and re-use of calibration standards.
Finnigan SpectraSYSTEM P2000 Binary Gradient Pump
Built for reliable operation under typical laboratory conditions, The SpectraSYSTEM® P2000 Binary Gradient Pump, will provide flexibility for the development or quality control laboratory.
The P2000 is designed for reliable, binary gradient operation. Advanced features, including four named files with up to 40 program lines per file, a queue for file linking, and logical user interface provide flexibility for the development or quality control laboratory.
* Real-time pressure feedback control system provides automatic solvent compressibility compensation for accurate, precise flows
* Highest retention time reproducibility from precise flow control, solvent proportioning and efficient mixing
* Complete regulatory compliance through factory certification and optional field validation services
* Guaranteed performance to specification through factory QA/QC testing
* User interface with file linking, file names, solvent names and diagnostics
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