Trueblood plastic injection molding machine #2003


Subject: Trueblood plastic injection molding machine #2003
Trueblood Plastic Injection Molding Machine #2003
This plastic injection molding machine, as shown by the model number, is a 75 ton with an 8oz shot size.
* Type is a horizontal inject with a vertical clamp.
* Shuttle distance is 14" from left to right.
* Clamp height is 8.5" from the clamp to the shuttle when closed.
* Ccurrently set up to run on 240VAC, 3PH and is internally fused at 70 amps.
* Hydraulic system holds and contains 60 gallons of hydraulic oil.
* The 20 HP hydraulic pump has recently had a new $1800 head installed.
* Controller is an Allen Bradley SLC 100.
* Model number is A-75-8 and Serial 0487821
* Measures 60"W x 114"D x 80"H
* A weight guestimate is over 9000 pounds.
It was just taken out of working service on October 8, 2006 and was maintained very well.
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